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An interesting early Victorian Sewing Compendium.

A 19th century English leather-cased Sewing Compendium, circa 1840.The maroon coloured leather case with a silver applied plaque engraved with owner’s script initials ‘MC.’ The red silk interior with a lift-out with unmarked silver hole maker and bodkin with small steel scissors. The lower part of the case with unmarked silver propelling pencil, thimble, thread waxer, pincushion and tapemeasure: the thimble is bright-cut engraved; the waxer with unmarked silver ends die-struck with a rose, thistle and shamrock; the unmarked pincushion and tapemeasure with a die-struck view of Windsor castle from the lawn. The lid of the case contains a card for notes with [in manuscript pencil] ‘1843. Miss Marie Cole September 1843’, together with a retailer’s stock card of approximately the same date, a photograph of a girl circa 1900 with a note in pen on the reverse – ‘Teresa was 15 when this was taken’, and two small cards with the date 1937 and a note in pen ‘Dear Edith, I know you will value this – and not toss it about in any old way – I always liked it – & so did Teresa – so now it is yours. [?] A. Simpson. A very old friend of my Mother’s gave her This – notice the date – these are silver and would polish up – if you wished – just embroidery things note the wax to prevent thread from knotting my love to you [?] A. Simpson.

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Dimensions [of the case as a whole]:

Length – 9.50 cm.; Width – 4.50 cm.; Depth – 3.50 cm.; Weight – 70 gms.

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