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An interesting collection of Fob Seals belonging to the Papillon Family of Acrise Hall, Kent.

A collection of fob Seals belonging to various members of the Papillon Family of Acrise Hall, Kent, comprising :-(1) A gold mounted triple seal circa 1760 with the arms, crest and cypher of the 2nd Viscount Vane of whom Burke’ s ‘Extinct Peerages says ‘William Vane, s. his father, 20 May 1734, and dissipated in reckless extravagance, the large fortune he then inherited.’ He married Anne [née Hawes], the widow of Lord William Hamilton but died in 1789 without heirs.[note chip to side of seal. (2) gold mounted seal with the initials and coronet of Henry Vane (3) gold mounted seal circa 1740 [antique repair] with the arms of Hamilton with those of Hawes in pretence for Lord William Hamilton and his wife, Anne Hawes. (4) Gold mounted seal 1724/5 of Jerome Rawstorne who married Anna Maria Turner 1724. (5) Gold mounted seal circa 1725 with the arms of John Eldred and his wife Susannah [Rawstorne] (6) Gold mounted seal circa 1795 of Thomas Papillon who married Anne Pelham 1791. (7) Gold mounted seal circa 1800 of Thomas Papillon who married Anne Pelham 1791.(8) Gold mounted seal circa 1785 with an unattributed coat-of -arms (9) A gold mounted seal with intaglio classical head circa 1780 (10) Silver seal circa 1750 ‘Il condail et il redresse’.

Further details of the Papillon’s family history can be supplied. Note that the mirror image of some of the seals has been included for illustrative purposes.

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Generally good. The iron seal with some surface rust. One gold seal with an old repair. One very small seal broken. Some wear to the cased-gold seals. A chip on the side of the stone revolving seal.

Dimensions [the revolving seal measured as a sample]:

Height – 5.20 cm.; Width – 3.40 cm.; Depth – 2.80 cm.; Weight – 27 gms.

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