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An Extraordinary silver Buckle.

A remarkable early 18th century silver Buckle and clasp circa 1725, unmarked, finely engraved on the back with a coat-of-arms for Carroll or O’Carroll above a reversed cypher ‘BC’ perhaps for Barnaby Carroll Esq., above the arms engraved with trophies of war and firing cannons, the buckle engraved with swords, the Carroll arms and a latin pentameter ‘Accipiter Gladius Leo Munio Servo Corono Regna Fidem Reges Ungue Vigore Pede’; the front of the buckle engraved with foliate scrollwork and the clasp with cupids firing hearts into an already arrow-pierced heart above the inscription ‘Omnia vincit amor’ and the terminus of the clasp, pierced with fastening holes and engraved with cupid carrying a flaming heart and flying away from an altar on which two flaming hearts remain and the motto ‘Un me suffit’.

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Good with an old repair to one prong and minor wear to reverse from use.


Length – 9.90 cm.; Width – 4.20 cm.; Depth – 1.60 cm.

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