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An Eton College Gothic Revival Mug.

Eton College.

An unusual Gothic revival silver Mug, commemorating the appointment of Francis Warre Warre-Cornish [1839-1916] as a Schoolmaster at Eton College the previous year. The body of the mug is decorated with scrolling roses and trefoils, the Royal arms of Henry 6th and ‘HR VI’ below the royal crown. The thumbpiece is engraved with Cornish’s coat-of-arms.
Henry 6th founded the college in 1440. Warre-Cornish became Vice Provost of the College in 1893.

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Old repairs at the junction of the flared rim of the body with the lower section. Otherwise good condition. The interior silver-gilt.


Height: 13.40 cm.; Width: 12.10 cm.; Depth: 8.60 cm.; Weight: 304 gms.

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