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An Asprey and Company novelty electroplated Toastrack and Warmer.

Asprey and Company.
An electroplated Toastrack on a warmer stand, with an aluminium plate, struck ‘Asprey’, between the burner and the rack, circa 1910. The whole standing on a rectangular base by Harrods [pattern number 21747]. The burner frame is struck with the mark of Asprey, a pattern number 20719 and a registered desgn number 572277. Rectangular and circular versions of this kind of toastrack were actually supplied by Hukin and Heath to Asprey and Company and Harrods.

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Good overall with some wear to the plating in small areas and minor surface wear around the head of the burner.


Height – 18.5 0 cm.; Length – 18.30 cm.; Depth – 14.70 cm.; Weight – 723 gms.

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