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Agnes Maria Fairlie’s Aide Memoire.


A red leather bound aide memoire and almanac ‘The Regent or Royal Tablet of Memory for 1817.’ Written in pencil inside ‘Elizabeth Murray’s gift to Agnes Maria Fairlie Sept. 4th 1817′.

The memoire is filled with Miss Fairlie’s pencil notes, including a reference to the second anniversary of the battle of Walteroo. Her brother had joined the 42nd regiment in that year.

Agnes-Maria Fairlie was born in 1801, in Kolkata, India, the daughter of Sir William Fairlie M.P. , a prosperous Scottish merchant [1754-1827]. In 1821 he married her cousin James Fairlie of Holms. They had fourteen children. Agnes died in 1868. Several portraits survive of Agnes-Maria, one, sa a young woman, by Sir Martin Archer Shee, was sold at Bonhams, London, on 7th October 2005 [lot 90] and can be viewed online on Wikitree.

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