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A silver Mug for the Transatlantic Yacht Race of 1964.


Transatlantic Yacht Race 1964.
A silver pint Mug, London 1960, by Richard Comyns, the front engraved with a Catamaran. The interior rim engraved with “The Atlantic where the great whales come sailing by, sail and sail with unshut eye” – ‘From the Family 1964.’
The quote, adapted from lines in Matthew Arnold’s poem, ‘The Forsaken Merman‘, 1849, evidently commemorates the 11th place achieved by Mike Butterfield in the race in his boat ‘Misty Miller.’ Butterfield was a Barrister as well as a keen sailor and his was the second of two catamaran entries in the race.

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Height – 12.20 cm.; Width – 13.50 cm.; Depth – 9.40 cm.; Weight – 375.20 gms.

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