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A silver Christening Spoon from Norna Labouchere.

Ellen Caroline Woodward.
A Spoon in the 17th century Dutch manner, London 1914. Ellen Woodward worked in Notting Hill in partnership with Agnes Withers until 1913 when the partnership was dissolved.

The terminal of the spoon is applied with cast figures, one crouching.

The convex  interior of the bowl is engraved ‘Henriette Alice Cadogan June 6th 1914 from her Godmother N. Labouchere.’ Norna Susan Labouchere, 1871-1940, [daughter of James Labouchere], and Ellen Woodward were both members of the executive committee of the Women’s International Art Club. The Times newspaper in 1914, writing of the 14th exhibition by the art club declared that the club ‘is just another organization for exhibiting the works of women artists, so over-numerous in these days‘. ‘Of still life pictures, which are numerous, some of the best are the flowers of Miss Norna Labouchere.’ Norna painted a portrait of her friend Christopher Head, Mayor of Chelsea, who drowned in the sinking of the Titanic. She appeared in the honours list of March 1920 for her services to the Red Cross in Italy. She married Major Charles Mackintosh in 1919.
Henriette Alice Cadogan [1914 to 2005] was a lady in waiting to the Queen from 1949 to 1987.

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Good. Minor knocks to surface around hallmarks.


Length – 17 cm.; Width – 5 cm.; Weight – 57 gms.

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