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A rare set of ‘French plate’ [silvered brass] English Caddies.

A rare English mid-eighteenth century Set of Caddies and a Sugar Box, made of ‘French plate’ [silvered brass], circa 1750. The two caddies with sliding bases and pull-off caps, and with a tinned lining, the sugasr box with pull off lid and silvered interior.
Each piece has extensive remains of silver-leaf applied in thre ‘French plating’ process. The rectangular bodies are made from sheet brass.

For ‘French plated’ or silvered brass, see two articles in the ‘Research’ section of this website.

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The caddies retain extensive silvering, revealing the pattern of silver leaves applied to the brass surface. Some bruising, including a sharp diagonal knock on one corner of the sugar box lid, a very small split to the top corner of one caddy and a small fracture to one end of the retaining sleeve at the base of one caddy. Some abrasion to the surface.


Caddy Boxes: height – 10.80 cm.; width – 11.20 cm.; depth – 5.50 cm.

Sugar Box: height – 11.20 cm.; width – 11.20 cm.; depth – 5.50 cm.

Overall weight: 1101 gms.

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