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A pair of George IV silver Candle Douters [scissor candle extinguishers].

A pair of George IV silver Candle Douters, London 1825, by Emes and Barnard.

Scissor type Candle ‘snuffers’ were generally used for trimming the wicks of candles, the pointed ends being used to remove candle ends from candlesticks. Conical candle snuffers, often attached to chamber candlesticks, were used to extinguish the flame. In the 19th century candle douters were introduced as another means of extinguishing candles. In general they do not have internal springs at the central junction but are entirely manually operated.

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Length – 15.30 cm.; Width – 5.40 cm.; Depth – 2.20 cm.; Weight – 85 gms.

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