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A miniature silver Inkstand, Pen Rest, and Stamp Box.


A miniature silver double Inkstand with Pen Rest and interior Stamp holders, Birmingham 1911, the maker’s mark poorly struck. This is the only example of its kind that has been noted: no example is recorded in Brian Beet’s authoritative survey of Stamp Boxes.

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Good overall. The upper surface of the lid slightly over-polished. Some marking and wear to the gilding on the interior of the lid around the stamp holders. A portion of the paper covering on the underside of the inkwell, over the plaster filling, torn and missing. The gilding on the inside of the base in good condition and the wells retain their original miniature glass liners.


Length – 8 cm.; Width – 4.10 cm.; Depth – 3.30 cm.; Weight – 118 gms.

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