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A Hukin and Heath novelty silver ‘Toast’ toastrack.

Hukin and Heath.
A novelty silver ‘Toast‘ Rack, Birmingham 1904. The base with pattern number 10499, and Registered Design number 249288.
Struck underneath with the pattern number ‘10499’ and the registered design number ‘249288’. Hukin and Heath offered this pattern of ‘Toast‘rack in two sizes – 10499 at 4.5 inches and 10529 at 5.5 inches. The pattern was in production for some years and was made in both silver and silver-plate, the silver examples being £1 14shillings and the plated examples 12 shillings.

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Height – 10.70 cm.; Length – 12.60 cm.; Width – 6.70 cm.;  Weight – 138.9 gms.

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