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A George III gold Vinaigrette with hair souvenir.

A George III engine-turned 18 carat gold Vinaigrette, London 1801 by Jacob Amedroz, the lid glazed with a panel of hair on silk below.
Given the quality of the pieces from his workshop, Amedroz [or  Amé Droz] surely deserves further research.

Working from an address at 6, Meard’s Street, Soho, he entered two marks with the Goldsmiths’ Company in 1798, as a box maker. Earlier references give his profession as that of gold engraver.

He had married Susanne Marguerite Alezan at St. George’s Hanover Square on the 3rd May 1777. A son and daughter were born from this marriage: Henry Frederic, born on the 9th September 1783; and Charlotte Amelia born on 7th April 1778. Charlotte married Peter Isaac Pictet of St. Mary Aldermanbury on the 10th June 1796.

Jacob was buried at St. Anne Soho in April 1806. His widow, Marguerite, then living in Kensington, died in 1808.

He appears to have been of French Swiss origin. According to the Revue des publications historiques de las Suisse Romande [1922], a Lt. Colonel Jacob Amedroz, Swiss born, had joined the French army in 1729. This Jacob Amidroz left a will in which, amongst numerous legacies, he left a small sum to a Hy. Frederic Amedroz of London [Nat. Arch. Prob 11/1537/241, proved in 1812]. His brother, ‘Joshua Ame Droz’ had died in Switzerland in February 1793, having written his will whilst living in Meard’s street in Soho [Nat. Arch. Prob 11/1228/130]. The will does not, however, mention Jacob Amedroz, the goldsmith – although Justin Vulliamy, watchmaker of Pall Mall, is made an executor in a codicil and it is interesting to note that a watch by Gray and Vulliamy [British Museum collection 1958,1201.293] has a replacement bezel made by Amedroz.

A ‘Mr Amedroz’ is listed as one of those who subscribed to a fund at the Helvetic Chapel in Moore Street, Soho, directed to alleviating the suffering of the Swiss in the Little Cantons as a consequence of the ‘Last Campaign in Switzerland’. [See ‘The Sun‘ April 15th, 1800]. And Peter Isaac Pictet, who had married Jacob Amedroz’s daughter, Charlotte, was Swiss in origin [ Will of Catherine Pictet, Spinster of Geneva, Nat Arch. Prob11/1261/109].

Amedroz’s apprentices include Peter Faddy [4th January 1776] and Charles Sharp [November 1789].


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Very good. A small knock to the rim on the base at one end [hinge end].


Height – 1.80 cm.; Width – 3.40 cm.; Depth – 2.50 cm.; Weight – 28.60 gms.

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