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A French silver Coffee Pot from Avignon.


A Louis XVIth silver Coffee Pot, Avignon, circa 1775, by Jean-Pierre Violet. The pot is engraved with the coat-of-arms of Jacques de Tardivon [1714-1791], who was, in 1761, elected abbot and head of the order of canons of Saint-Ruf de Valence. This order of canons was transfered in 1773 to the order of Saint-Lazare and the estates of the old order were secularized. As former abbé, de Tardivon was given the title of ‘Commandeur-Princier’ of the order of Saint-Lazare and the arms of this coffee pot reflect that new title and perhaps also the compensation received by the abbé on the abolition of his order. The coronet used in the arms is most unusual: the only other use of a similar coronet being in the new arms of the city of Versailes adopted during the French revolution.
As a young officer in the army, Napoleon was given letters of introduction to de Tardivon on being posted to Valence in 1789.

The maker of this pot, Jean Pierre Violet, worked from 1774. [See Claude Gérard Cassan, ‘Les Orfèvres D’Avignon et du Comtat Venaissin’.]

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Good overall with surface markings [light scratching] and minor unevenness to the exterior. A good and substantial pot overall with no repairs. The wooden handle and socket unscrew.


Height – 25 cm.; Width – 23.40 cm.; Depth – 14.90 cm.; Weight – 936.30 gms.

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