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A collection of silver Broadsword Letter Openers.

A group of novelty silver Letter Openers, or Paper Knives, in the form of Scottish Broadswords. The smallest is marked by James Aitchison, Edinburgh, 1892; the second smallest is marked by McKay and Chisholm, Edinburgh 1937; the second largest is marked by ‘A.J.’ of Birmingham, 1892; the largest is marked by George Houston, Birmingham 1908.

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i) Smallest example: length – 16.20 cm.; width – 3 cm.; weight – 28.80 gms.

ii) Second smallest example: length – 21.30 cm.; width – 3.70 cm.; weight – 60 gms.

iii) Second largest example: length – 21.80 cm.; width – 5 cm.; weight – 86.20 gms.

iv) Largest example: length – 31.90 cm.; width – 5.40 cm.; weight – 101 gms.

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