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  • A 19th Century Spanish Silver Scent Bottle With A Regimental Inscription.

    A 19th century Spanish silver Scent Bottle with a Regimental Inscription.

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  • A 20th Century Silver Egg For Darning Knitting.

    A 20th century silver Egg for darning knitting.

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  • A Child’s Silver Set By R.E. Stone.

    A Child’s silver Set by R.E. Stone.

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  • A David Linley Silver Coin Holder Formed As A Cartridge.

    A David Linley silver coin holder formed as a cartridge.

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  • A George I Miniature Silver Porringer Or Drinking Cup.

    A George I miniature silver Porringer or Drinking Cup.

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  • A George I Silver Alms Dish.

    A George I silver Alms Dish.

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  • A George III Silver Mounted Drinking Glass For Edward Charles Howard.

    A George III silver mounted Drinking Glass for Edward Charles Howard.

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  • A George III Silver Pap Boat.

    A George III silver Pap Boat.

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  • A George III Silver Skewer With Bright-cut Decoration.

    A George III silver Skewer with bright-cut decoration.

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  • A George IV Exeter Silver Toy Jug.

    A George IV Exeter silver Toy Jug.

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  • A George V Silver Model Of A Baby’s Shoe.

    A George V silver model of a Baby’s Shoe.

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  • A Gold And Diamond Brooch For A Mandolin Player.

    A gold and diamond Brooch for a Mandolin player.

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