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  • A Miniature Silver Inkstand, Pen Rest, And Stamp Box.

    A miniature silver Inkstand, Pen Rest, and Stamp Box.

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  • A Modern Silver Box In The Arts And Crafts Manner.

    A modern silver Box in the arts and crafts manner.

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  • A Modern Silver Watercolourist’s Paint Box By Rowney.

    A modern silver Watercolourist’s Paint Box by Rowney.

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  • A Novelty Edwardian Heart-shaped Biscuit Box By Hukin And Heath.

    A novelty Edwardian heart-shaped Biscuit Box by Hukin and Heath.

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  • A Pair Of Victorian Silver Cases By Louis Dee.

    A pair of Victorian silver Cases by Louis Dee.

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  • A Small Victorian Silver Snuff Or Pill Box.

    A small Victorian silver snuff or pill Box.

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  • A Stylish Twentieth Century Silver Box.

    A stylish Twentieth Century silver Box.

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  • A Tiny Victorian Silver-gilt Vesta Case.

    A tiny Victorian silver-gilt Vesta Case.

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  • A Victorian Novelty Parcel-gilt Silver Scent Bottle And Viniagrette Formed As A Milk Churn.

    A Victorian novelty parcel-gilt silver Scent Bottle and Viniagrette formed as a Milk Churn.

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  • A Victorian Novelty Silver Match And Cigarette Case Formed As A Piano.

    A Victorian novelty silver Match and Cigarette Case formed as a Piano.

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  • A Victorian Novelty Silver Vesta Case And Cheroot Cutter.

    A Victorian novelty silver Vesta Case and Cheroot Cutter.

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  • A Victorian Novelty Silver-gilt Spinning Top Vinaigrette.

    A Victorian novelty silver-gilt Spinning Top Vinaigrette.

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