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The Partnership of Hukin and Heath.

James Shruder, Chaser, Goldsmith, Papier Maché Manufacturer: a Fresh Look at his Life.

Benjamn Mordecai: a Jewish silversmith in 18th century London who changed his name to Benjamin Mountague.

The Life of Charles Overing, silversmith, of London.

Henry Jernegan’s Lottery Sale: one of only two known surviving copies of this sale catalogue. [Please read in conjunction with my essay: ‘Henry Jernegan, the Kandlers and the Client who changed his mind.’ If making use of this material, please acknowledge the source.]

A preliminary list of silver articles bearing the mark of John Jacob [Jean Jacob], London 1734-1768.

The First Castletops: a short examination of some Birmingham topographical souvenirs and their makers 1825-38.

The Letters of Richard Carter [awaiting editing and annotation].
Thomas Hammond, John Carter and Richard Carter: the Business of Silversmithing.
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