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‘The Partnership Of Hukin And Heath’. The First Version Of An Essay On The History Of The Firm Of Hukin And Heath And The Families Who Ran It. It Will Be Revised And Completed With An Appendix List Of Patterns When It Is Possible Once More To Visit The Relevant Archives.

‘The Partnership of Hukin and Heath’. The first version of an essay on the history of the firm of Hukin and Heath and the families who ran it. It will be revised and completed with an appendix list of patterns when it is possible once more to visit the relevant archives.

The Partnership of Hukin and Heath

My thanks, meanwhile, to those who have assisted me: Dorothy Prosser of the Totley History Group, Jonathan Nicholas, Deborah Roberts at the Goldsmiths’ Company, London, and Martin Levy of Blairman’s. I look forward to criticism, review, and fresh information.

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