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We hope that you will enjoy our new web site where you can find a selection of pieces from our current inventory of Silver and eighteenth-century Brass as well as a history of our business, our ongoing research into the history of silver-smithing and links to other sites that we recommend. We specialise in pieces in exceptional condition and pieces with an interesting story to tell. Please do not hesitate to click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab above if you wish to ask any questions about items we have in stock.

  • A Silver Tea Strainer And Bowl For A Scot By R.E. Stone.

    A silver Tea Strainer and Bowl for a Scot by R.E. Stone.

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  • A 20th Century Modernist Silver Mug By Guy Watson

    A 20th century Modernist silver Mug by Guy Watson

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  • A Victorian Silver Snuffbox Presented To An Old Servant.

    A Victorian silver Snuffbox presented to an old Servant.

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  • A George III Silver Wine Label For Burgundy.

    A George III silver Wine label for Burgundy.

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  • A Pair Of Late 18th Century Provincial Silver Wine Labels For W. Wine And Claret.

    A pair of late 18th century provincial silver Wine labels for W. Wine and Claret.

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  • An 18th Century  Provincial Silver Wine Label For Claret

    An 18th century provincial silver Wine Label for Claret

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  • A George I Silver Alms Dish.

    A George I silver Alms Dish.

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  • May Drummond’s Silver Box.

    May Drummond’s silver Box.

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  • A Tiny Silver-mounted Glass Spirit Flask.

    A tiny silver-mounted glass Spirit Flask.

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  • A Silver Butter Knife By William Henry Creswick

    A silver Butter Knife by William Henry Creswick

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  • A Silver-mounted Coronation Mug For Edward VII.

    A silver-mounted Coronation Mug for Edward VII.

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